Video of The Ancient Alchemy Coloring Book now available

This BEAUTIFUL BOOK is on it’s way to all those who placed pre-orders this week! It’s official release date is next Monday, Oct 26 – but you can see it right now!!

This book has amazing imagery, perforated pages for easy removal so you can color without the book binding in the way and super easy for left-handed colorists, plus you can rotate your page anyway you like! There are a variety of designs for beginners and advanced colorists.  All the pages are single-sided so you’ll never loose an image on the back.

This book has been uniquely designed with a visual index in the back of all the pictures and a Symbol guide to help you understand some of the images in the book – some you know, and some that might be new to you.

I am excited to share this book with you!

Watch it, Like it, Share it, tweet it!

If you are in or near Plano TX, 801 W 15th St, I will be doing a Coloring Event, Demo and Book signing from 2-4pm this Saturday. Register in advance for seating at

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