New Video! And happy thoughts….

On Thanksgiving Day, in the afternoon, I launched the first installment of a new video series From The Drawing Desk.  In a matter of 3 days, views had topped 800! I am so appreciative of the shares of the video and love the new subscribers! This video is the first of several in the works! A “sneak peek” video is already up: next video (markers!). I am looking forward to collaborating with you (the viewer) on the end results in our coloring pages!

For special helpful hints on how to use gel pens and getting some awsome results to your colorings, check out my new video. Subscribe, share it, like it!

I am already hearing from viewers the gentle approach is sinking in, they are taking their time and not rushing to complete a picture in one sitting, but rather allowing the process to be enjoyable, lasting and wonderful. Love that.

The happy thoughts….what a year this has been. If I had known a year ago that I’d be reaching you in this way I am not sure I would have believed you or even had known what to think of it. And yet, here we are, coloring the world, inspiring others to see and do and appreciate the patterns around us. May you continue to learn something new, share something wonderful and smile inside at the gift of both.

Remember to take a coloring book with you…..

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