NEW BOOK!!! Mandalas and More: A Meditative Drawing and Coloring Book for Mind, Body and Spirit

It’s almost here!!! I received my first look at a hard copy of the new book this week!  That means all you who pre-ordered will need to be on the look out soon!  You’ll probably be seeing your books within the first couple weeks in April!

This is book is AWESOME! Mandalas and More combines all the amazing ways to create drawings for fun, for meditation, for coloring and for serious exploration of your talents. There are basic lessons, projects and tips on pencil shading and color pencil designs. Plus the added bonus of inspirational tips for living a more aware life by taking what you learn through drawing into The Big Picture.

If you haven’t ordered yours yet – there’s still time to jump into the pre-order status!!

Check out the following links here:


Barnes and Noble

independant books stores everywhere (and if you don’t see it – make sure you ASK for it – let the book store know you need them to order it!)

you can also find the book very soon at Sam’s Club and in Walmart.


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