NEW VIDEO – Meditative Drawing, lesson 1

Meditative Drawing is simply not “just” drawing. It is the process – setting the stage, making sure you are comfortable, relaxed and connected to your pen – that’s where the satisfaction really stems from. Drawing just to draw or doodling just to doodle can have it’s place and can be calming…but to really get the most out of your experience, there are few simple things you can do to make the process so much more meaningful.

Check out the video, learn the ABC’s of Meditative Drawing and follow along on your first lesson.

Then check out the book in person. It’s beautiful, instructive, simple and easy to follow, has depth and thought provoking pages, starter drawing images and pages you can color.

Mandalas and More; A Meditative Drawing and Coloring Book for Mind, Body and Spirit.

VIDEO: What is Meditative Drawing? ABC’s and Lesson #1

Purchase Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Sam’s Club and Walmart, plus independent book stores everywhere.


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