Another “Secret” Signing in Oregon!

Up north where the trees are plentiful and the air is cool, the famous Powell’s City of Books  was the hot spot in my next adventure in secret author signing tour. Powell’s in Portland, with the amazing 3-story, full city-block long Burnside location, was my first stop. Check out the pictures with me and Ryan in the well known pillar of books at one of the corner entrances (and I learned a little secret about how very special that pillar is!). If you have never been to Powell’s it is a surreal experience with rooms (and rooms and rooms) with endless books! As a matter of fact, Ryan had to take a cart and go locate all my books on various levels and in various genre catagories (super cool!).

Hawthorne, Portland, along with Cedar Hills in Beaverton, happily posed for pictures as well with all their copies of Artful Mandala, Ancient Alchemy, and Mandalas and More personalized and ready for you. (Did you know The Dread Pirate Roberston was at the Cedar Hills store a few years back  – wish I had been there for that).

And as a side note, Gabe at the Powell’s airport location was a great sport, with a surprise visit from me and posing with a pic on my way into town. And on my way out of town, a wonderful lady bought my book when she realized I was author (thank you!) walking through checking the display

If you find a copy of my book (thank you Laura) at any of the Powell’s locations – tag me on any of the following social media accounts – and tag Powell’s too – they were fabulous.

Instagram: @cherthefire

Twitter: @cherthefire9



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