Success! 60+ drawings by community group!

What a lovely group! Those who participated in the open-to-the-public event at the Allen Public Library in Texas this past Saturday helped create a mural of over 60+ individual pieces of art for a community coloring wall. What was so wonderful was the amount of corner images that we played with to see what they looked like put together in a tile like fashion. Some fit amazingly artistically perfect! Others looked like they wanted to be a stand-alone kind of presence. The eclectic group of ages from all walks of life brought wisdom and youth to the pen-to-paper relationship beautifully.

They even surprised themselves at what they could create. At the end of the event, we had 5 minutes left. We did a series of 60-second artistic contributions “round robin” style and ended up with some really wonderful illustrations.  What each unique image has in common is they still are waiting for you! If you are in the North Texas area, you are invited to drop in and bring these drawings to life with color! The color wall will be set up (upstairs, I believe) ready to be added on and enlivened with the brilliance of your colorful touch for the remainder of the summer season.

Here is a wonderful picture created by 6 ladies, each with 60 seconds to add something wonderful, and then Kelly Bartlett brought it to life with color at home immediately after our class (Thanks for sharing Kelly!!).

Simple, pattern repetition can create focus for the mind and calm for the psyche. Want to learn more? Check out my book Mandala and More; A Meditative Drawing and Coloring Book for Mind, Body and Spirit. Or check out my intro videos to drawing on my YouTube Channel.

Find my book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, Barabara’s Bookstores, and many many independent book store across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.


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