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Cher Kaufmann is an international author and artist, as well as an inspirational teacher. Her extensive studies of photography and art, combined with her 20+ years experience in massage therapy and Reiki have helped her discover unique patterns in the world. She has interests in alternative health care, the mysteries of science, energy and intuition. Cher uses her interests in historic patterns found in Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, face reading and natural phenomena to be aware of the potential in a moment and in a lifetime. Cher has been creating artwork as a child and even tried to sell her first pictures at age 5. She teaches meditative drawing to packed classes, gives public presentations and inspires others to look at what you often don’t see. It is there, we find awareness of the beauty and intricacy of nature around us. She lives with her family outside Dallas, Texas.

Cher’s books can be found in the USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Poland, Australia, The Philidelphia Museum of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY (The Met), Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Barbara’s Bookstores, Hudson Bookstores (US airports), and independent stores everywhere. Plus they have been featured in numerous online blog reviews as well as Mayo Clinic video on the benefits of coloring.

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