Cher Kaufmann facilitates classes, presentations and workshops, for private and public groups.  Cher’s presentations are much more than “just drawing”, but rather how to create a relationship with the pen, the paper and the world around you for inspiration.  The process is much more important that creating a perfect drawing in her classes…she believes that the creative process is an every changing and ever growing relationship between the artist and the art.

Classes are in two catagories: Color or Meditative Drawing. Both very comprehensive.

Private drawing classes, minimum of 4 persons, supplies included, are held at your location.  One day classes are 2-2.5 hours long and give a basic understanding of drawing.

Private drawing classes, minimum 4 persons, 4 week sessions are held once a week, for 2 hours each meeting, supplies included.

Presentations, and public group workshops are available.

To inquire about private or public events, you can contact Cher with the form below.