From the Drawing Desk, tutorial video episodes from International author/artist Cher Kaufmann.  The link above connects to a PLAYLIST of videos of over 30 videos from 12 Belending Tips for Colored Pencils to How to Color with Gel Pens as well as tutorial guides for your first steps in Meditative Drawing. Subscribe to the you tube channel and be in the know as each episode releases with more topics like pencils, blending, backgrounds and more.

This new series is about mindfulness in allowing simple coloring pages, inspirational quotes, mini meditations and open journal pages for creative minds to doodle, and re-set your mind, heart and body. Ten minutes can do wonders when the direction is set away from stress. These little books have a greater variety than just coloring, but coloring is very much a part of the book. They are deceiving in that a quick flip through might seem like the book is simple, but spending a few minutes engaged will show that there is quite a lot these little books provide. Plus they make awesome gifts for all ages and made for travel so you can take a 10 minute mindfulness break any time.

Full Series titles:
Joy 10 minutes a Day to Color Your Way
Gratitude 10 minutes a Day to Color Your Way
Dream 10 minutes a Night and Turn Out the Light
Love 10 minutes a Day to Color Your Way
Peace 10 minutes a Day to Color Your Way


The Art of Health presentation from the Spirited Women group at Medical Center of Plano, Tx.  Listen as Cher’s playful and soothing presentation brings insight to paying attention to details in your world can bring curiosity and wonder… especially when combined with coloring, drawing and listening to calm music. Find out what Cher says riding a horse and sewing have in common with coloring. Plus bonus information on what to look for in purchasing a coloring book.

Video Preview of The Artful Mandala Coloring Book: Creative Designs for Fun and Meditation. The original coloring book that started in all for Cher Kaufmann’s connection to people around the world. perforated for easy removal, single-sided printed pages, variety of imaginative line, perfect for beginners and advanced colorists. Plus a bonus color page that helps explain a little about why you might be interested in certain colors and how they can create an overall feeling to your colored masterpieces.

Video Preview of The Ancient Alchemy Coloring Book; Celtic Knots, Mandalas and Sacred Symbols. This book is beautiful. Perforated pages for easy removal, creamy paper for pencils, gel pens and markers. A rich cultural experience into many images that are important to different groups, some you know, some that may be new to you. Celtic knots, mandalas, festival elephants, koi fish, peacocks and the Tree of Life to name a few. A visual thumbnail index in the back lets you explore the names and a symbol guide in the front provides some symbolism and history to many of the images in the book.

ACTV Spotlight Video Interview with Cher Kaufmann. Highlights Meditative drawing, The Artful Mandala Coloring Book and The Allen Senior Center.  Solina Marquis, Jane Prouty, Margaret Carrera, Stacy Adams also interviewed. Check out how the Meditative Drawing class changed lives and created global artists! This video was nominated for a NATIONAL AWARD at NATOA (National Association of Telecommunicators and Advisors)!

Meditation for Moms radio interview with Marie Georgopolis

Radio broadcast August 18, 2015 interview with Cher Kaufmann hosted by Marie Georgopolis. Meditation for Moms ranked #1 show in the Mom and Family catagory and #8/2941 in the Family catagory at 1:00:26 minutes

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